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Our Pastry Chef

Charlotte Alves

It took boring courses in marketing and management before Charlotte decided to reconnect with her true passion: baking. For as long as she can remember, this curious and caring woman has always been the one in charge of dessert at family gatherings. Accompanied by her sister, she would make birthday cakes, cookies and other sweet treats with the sole purpose of pleasing her family.

Following her heart, this talented French pastry chef studied at L’Institut des saveurs de Bordeaux before working in a boutique and then in the restaurant business. She recently realized one of her childhood dreams by moving to Quebec. Without really knowing why, she has always had an interest in the country of maple syrup, synonymous in her mind with nature and wide open spaces.

Today, the one who is progressing in her job at a great speed takes pleasure in discovering new products and using her feelings to dazzle the guests of the Bistango.

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